When Life is Tough, I Count My Blessings

The journey to a better life is slow but worth it!

I've been having a hard time at the moment. Actually, If I am honest, I have been having a hard time for a few years now…. I am just good at hiding it by making other people laugh and seeming positive, and generally just not talking about what's really going on in the fog that is my mind!

I do my best to work hard, do better, make lists of things I should be doing, beat myself up (not literally) when I am tired but I still have things to do- and often not doing any of it because of the pressure I put on myself and then I can't think straight and oh look Youtube, then feel bad because I was not productive enough.

I also constantly think about money and how I can earn more. As someone who is only allowed to work twenty hours a week on a student Visa during term time- this can be quite limiting, particularly when I always need money to pay for new visas but also have a lot of money in the bank account to show I am not a burden to NZ but I also need to pay rent, food, and enjoy myself- It can be a little difficult and very mind consuming!

That being said, when I do take a step back, I realise I have many things to be thankful for and for now, things are not that terrible…

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash

I Live in a nice house, in a nice area, by myself- This is a blessing to me! Granted, it would be cheaper to live with other people, but it would also make me more unhappy. I have to admit, despite being a sociable person, I really don't like living with other people. I love being able to go home and do whatever I want with no drama. The only living creature I have to take nonsense from is my pet rabbit, Malcolm! I am more than ok with this

I have a job I really like that is stress-free and I am out meeting new people- I love my job and I also love that at least twice a week, I have a reason to leave the house and talk to people.

Being a student means I have prospects others may not have- It does cost a lot but I do not have the fear that some of my friends have as they are on work visas. I don't want to get into details here about work visas and the stress it can cause, but believe me, anyone who does not need a visa to be in NZ is extremely lucky.

Photo by Katie Barrett on Unsplash

It is ok to take time to myself! Relax and do something else- if I am going to not get enough work done because I am stressed, I may as well stop and put things into perspective. I have found that I get more work done when I am not putting too much pressure on myself and I am getting more things done during the day.

I am grateful that I am taking more time to care about myself- I do a lot of reading on how to make my life better! One of the things this keeps reminding me to do is to look after myself because I deserve it. I am grateful to be doing this as it feels better and I am becoming a lot happier. I never really thought about how this actually improves my life as my self-care also involves cooking, cleaning, more active and generally being more productive.

I have a great family- The biggest blessing in my life and definitely the most supportive people in my life. I am close to my parents and I very thankful for this. My life would be a lot harder without their support, particularly from my Mum.

My friends- I have many great friends who are there for me and will listen if i need to rant to them

My rabbit Malcolm- of course, my rabbit was going to be mentioned on this list! He is rather cute and awesome after all!

Own photo of Malcolm!

Love living and travelling in New Zealand. Life revolves around my house bunny Malcolm. Love to write about anything that interests me!

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