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Why rabbits make better housemates than humans

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“Bunnies make the world a better place” — Anyone who has had and loved a pet rabbit!

I have always loved rabbits ever since I can remember. I had my first pet rabbit when I was four years old (my parents and older sister were the main caregivers as I was too young, but they knew this before buying the rabbit) who lived for nearly thirteen years and I have had many ever since.

When I was growing up our rabbits lived in their hutches outside and they regularly came out to play.

As I got older I loved the…

Overcoming Denial to Move Forward in Life

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If there is one thing I am known for it is that I have a positive attitude towards life. I have a sense of humour, I like people and people generally like me. I also handle stress well, I work well under pressure, I get on and do things, I don’t dwell on difficult situations or spend my time complaining- even when things get tough.

It would probably surprise those that know me, that only a few years ago this was far from the case.

I didn’t always know how to handle myself or bad situations, I use to internalise…

How I am learning from my mistakes and developing as a person

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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
— Carl Jung

I’m 31 years old, single and not looking. I wish to stay this way for now! Yes really!

This seems to shock a lot of people. That and the fact that I don’t have children…. I don’t understand why it is so interesting or why people feel it is their business! Alas, the do! I rarely know how to answer without getting into a debate or a rather unnecessary situation of being showered with pitty… Like seriously?

Am I the only one who…

Lets take a minute to express/ vent our feelings

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Once upon a time- I was procrastinating again!

I do this a lot. I even write about it. Oh the joys of studying, writing, working, climbing bean stalks, fighting dragons- the struggle is real! Ok maybe not the last two, that's just my really good imagination and way of expressing myself. Obviously!

The point is, I am still working really hard at life and I need a break. I need a break from using my brain, from being let down, from grieving for a friend who passed away recently to suicide and now I am worrying about other firends…..


The best decision I ever made

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I have been living completely by myself for almost four months and I absolutely love it!

I mean who wouldn't? just me and the house rabbit to keep me company, no one to answer to!

A lot of people don't like the idea of living alone: feeling lonely, it's more expensive, some strange ideas about “what about security?”. But for me, I would rather pay more just to live by myself.

However, I can think of some great reasons why living alone is so much better!

You don't have to live with other people’s mess- just your own

In all my time of living with other people, be that friends or boyfriends…

A totally practical guide everyone can follow!

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Everyone has dreams, everyone wants to be the best! You can achieve your dreams! Don't let anyone tell you any different! They are just being negative!!

It wasn't too long ago that I was dreaming about meeting my true love and living a magical life.

I now live my most magical self and it's oh so wonderful.

These are the things you should incorporate into your daily routine and become magical like me!

Wake Up At 3 am (witching hour)

If you want to gain magical powers and be great like me, you have to wake up at 3 am! …

I am not ashamed to admit this…

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My recent loss

I recently lost a close friend. They were someone I had known for a few years and we had been really close…

Unforturnelty this friend was suffering and is now no longer with us…. It has broken the hearts of their friends and family who loved them more than they will ever know.

This is the second time in my life that someone I cared about has gotten to the point where they cannot cope and are no longer gracing the world with their love and presence…. It is by far the hardest grief to deal with and I am…

The journey to a better life is slow but worth it!

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

I've been having a hard time at the moment. Actually, If I am honest, I have been having a hard time for a few years now…. I am just good at hiding it by making other people laugh and seeming positive, and generally just not talking about what's really going on in the fog that is my mind!

I do my best to work hard, do better, make lists of things I should be doing, beat myself up (not literally) when I am tired but I still have things to do- and often not doing any of it because of…

Trying to juggle, housework, job, study, writing, and functioning like a human being….

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

What can I say? I am a very busy person. I have a dissertation to write, a few blog posts to write, a job to go to, a family function to prepare for in two days, I have a part-time job, a rabbit to look after, a house to clean…. But with all these things I have to do, what do I find myself doing instead? drinking coffee and watching Youtube….. With a bit of study and writing in between.

I am having one of those weeks where I feel I can give myself a pat on the back just…

My negative experiences believing in positive affirmation

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Dreaming of a better life? Want to become a millionaire? Want to live the dream, be free and never feel down ever again?

Well, guess what? I can't help you there….

Want to know something else? A completely pain-free life is not possible! This might seem a bit of a no-brainer….

However, if you are looking to improve your life or make more money, you have probably asked trusty google or youtube! chances are you have come across the self-help industry and the notion that thinking positive (all of the time) will change your life.

The industry is currently worth…

Heather Rosanne Sparks

Love living and travelling in New Zealand. Life revolves around my house bunny Malcolm. Love to write about anything that interests me!

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